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Geek Rockschool Grade 5 Drums

HEY! Thanks for tuning in. These Videos are great resource to help you learn the Rockschool pieces. I have created play along videos for your to watch and see how I play them and tab videos to play along to as well. Just click the links at the end of the video to take you to other songs in this grade, or other versions of this same song to play along with. Please feel free to subscribe, Like and Comment Below and please check out my instagram and facebook as well.   / atommusicschool     / atommusicschool   @Atom Music School If your interested in the Vidami video Looper, have a look at the link below, and for 10% off (offered between 26/7/20 - 10/8/20) use my promo code below. TOMGILLGAN10 ENJOY!